About me

I am Theresa Dahl, a Norwegian by birth but an Earthling first. Having lived in many places, I followed my intuition to beautiful Wiltshire some years ago and I thrive in the timeless, magical energies of this sacred land and the wonderful people here.

I have always, from when I was very young, felt compelled to change things on Earth, to find solutions to the problems, to fix what was wrong, to heal those who suffered and to find better ways, better systems, for our societies. The destruction of nature, the suffering of humans and animals, the pollution and the unsustainable ways of living, the dysfunctional social structures – all this grated against my soul and caused a great deal of frustration in me. I felt a deep motivation to change the world. I now know that this was indeed one of the missions my soul chose for this lifetime – for this time of The Great Shift – and that I have been working towards this for many incarnations, many millennia of Earth lives.

Just as is the case with many other people, I chose to be born into this time of great turmoil and potential to help turn things around on Earth, to clean up the old and defunct, and help bring in the new, the innovations, the solutions and the peaceful co-existence of all Earth’s creatures. From very early on I always saw glimpses of my future, of the strongest potentials for my path through life, but at the same time I didn’t know quite how to get there, and I sometimes felt that there were big obstacles and restrictions holding me back from any real progress towards this. I also sometimes felt that I was a bit like a fish out of water in some respects, that – even though I had a deep and profound love for nature – Earth wasn’t really, fully my ideal habitat.

I was born in this life with an ‘open channel’ to the higher dimensions and to my spirit guides, although due to the culture I was born into I had no cognitive concept of guides as such, but I always felt there was someone there who I talked to and got answers from. Part of this was also a connection to my higher self, my soul self. As such I carried with me much inherent knowledge as well as a natural flow of insight from the higher dimensions. I was a very philosophical child and spent much time pondering and questioning, and I sometimes found life on Earth, particularly human behaviour, puzzling and illogical. I knew I had been here before in other lifetimes, and I also had vague memories of my existence before birth – in a place of peace, love and harmony. Inevitably, as so many children experience, some of this was ’un-learnt’ as I was growing older. I was taught things that were contradictory to my inner knowledge, and I was taught to prioritise what I learnt from those in authority, and to trust my analytical, cognitive mind instead of my intuition and ‘unexplained’ knowledge.

As I now know, my soul plan for this life also included going on my own journey through the human experience; to experience fully that which other people experience, to be embedded and immersed in the great variety of all that being human entails –  the challenges, traumas and emotions that are part of life. Now that I am helping others on their own journeys, perhaps my greatest asset is my internal library of human experience, the wisdom gained from living through it and embodying it. Your life experiences are also mine, I understand what you mean, I connect with it and see it clearly.

It was also in my life plan that I would find a way to liberate myself, free myself from restrictions, fear, trauma and anything else that was holding me back, including experiences from the past both in this life and other lifetimes. And that is what I did when the time was right. I dealt with all that I wanted to clear out from my mind, my heart, my body and my soul. I was then free to work towards realising all the things I wanted to fill my life with instead, to reorient myself towards my highest potential, both in terms of my happiness and freedom in my everyday life but also in my work, my career, my creativity, manifesting what I wanted in every aspect of my life. Of course this is always an ongoing process which continues to evolve, and I also have so many plans and ambitions for the future that I will never run out of things to aim for. But through this deep work I have been able to fully re-establish the connections I came in with as a child and even go far beyond this. What I have experienced has been an incredible, magical and wondrous adventure, full of surprises and opportunities greater than I could ever have imagined.

Throughout my journey it has been my intention to keep working towards ever higher vibrational states within myself and to remove the veil as much as possible; to be able to see freely and clearly my soul’s true identity and history and to have free access to the universal network of truth, wisdom, skills and abilities. I’m someone who wants to see the bigger picture, to join all the dots. Well, that’s just my natural inclination but it does mean a lot of hard work sometimes! However, this natural drive I have – always onwards and upwards – has also driven me towards  the reconnection to my natural ‘oneness’ with other dimensions and with the pure love that is the ultimate truth of the universe. It has helped me anchor my soul self more and more into my human self – embodying the eternal and divine aspects of me more freely and easily here on Earth. Going through such a deep and conscious process of liberation, transformation and soul reconnection has also allowed me to access the full force of my soul’s power to live my life’s purpose – my freedom and ability to do the work I came here to do, and to enjoy it fully, love my life and thrive as a human being on Earth!