The courses

ALIYA Soul Evolution begins with a foundation course which gives you a solid and broad foundation (naturally!) for any direction you choose to take in the future. Here we unlock and enhance your soul’s inherent superpowers, accumulated wisdom and skills from many lifetimes.

You also learn everything you need to set you up to work successfully with a range of advanced modules. These will provide opportunities for further growth in any aspect of yourself or your life that you choose to focus on, and include exciting new learning to benefit not only yourself but also the Earth and humanity on a larger scale.

There will be new, innovative and cutting edge information including pioneering new understandings in the intersection of science and spirituality. This is being given to Earth now as part of the Great Shift and our building of a new world and a new humanity.

To sum it up in the words of the collective: “To infinity and beyond!”

Foundation Course

The foundation course runs through three modules:

1. Liberation from the past
2. Transformation for the future
3. Aligning the self for ascension

The collective has given this analogy for it:

Imagine a young plant that is being smothered by weeds. The liberation process is about removing the weeds and freeing the plant. The transformation process is about the plant being free to stretch up towards the sun and the sky, straighten up and become stronger and more self-supporting, re-aligning its stem and limbs, and the ascension process is about the plant fully thriving, blossoming, growing tall and strong and proud and invincible.

The course is taught through

  • Online workshops at regular intervals in small and comfortable groups
  • Practice and assignments between each workshop
  • 1-1 sessions with me online, or in person should you prefer this.

In addition each group receives regular emails from me to support, uplift, inspire and bring joy to everyday life.

In order for me to make sure ALIYA Soul Evolution can give you the best possible experience, and that you get to make the most of it, some 1-1 work with me is needed in advance of the course. This may be only a few online sessions, just so I get to know you and your situation, and the collective may wish to work with you a little in preparation for the course. If you have already worked with me this may not be needed.

If you would like more information or just an informal chat about ALIYA please contact me. I’d love to hear from you. Please use this contact form on my main website and please include a phone number I can reach you on if necessary. Remember to check your spam filter / junkmail if you do not receive a reply from me.

Advanced Courses

After the foundation course there will be a number of different advanced courses to choose between – or take all of them if you like! They are all designed to help you take leaps forwards on your own unique path towards living your highest soul potential in this life and help to create a better future on Earth.

More detailed information about the advanced courses will be coming in due time.