The meaning of ALIYA

When I asked the collective what they wanted to call these courses I kept hearing the word ALIYA. I had in fact been hearing that word now and then for many months, or even years, but I hadn’t really questioned what this was about. These kinds of experiences are quite normal for me and I just assume that I’ll find out what it’s all about one day. But when the collective kept repeating ALIYA to my question of a name for their courses I decided to go with that and I looked up its meaning. Clever as they are, my friends in spirit had of course chosen this name for very good reasons. Aliya is a word both in Hebrew and Arabic and means ‘ascent’, ‘ascension’ or ‘going up’. As a name it means ‘the exalted one’. So of course ALIYA as it is used by the collective is about ascension, which they have explained means ‘the evolution of the soul’. This is truly what it is all about, rising to a higher level, evolving upwards to the higher vibrations – evolution of the soul and evolution of human nature – or, as the collective also call it, ‘bringing Heaven to Earth’. Therefore, ALIYA is about ascending individually as souls and as human beings, but also at the same time actively raising humanity to a higher level as we bring Heaven to Earth.