About me
I am Theresa Dahl, a Norwegian by birth but an Earthling first. Having lived in many places, I followed my intuition to beautiful Wiltshire some years ago and I thrive in the timeless, magical energies of this sacred land and the wonderful people here.

I have always, from when I was very young, felt compelled to change things on Earth, to find solutions to the problems, to fix what was wrong, to heal those who suffered and to find better ways, better systems, for our societies. The destruction of nature, the suffering of humans and animals, the pollution and the unsustainable ways of living, the dysfunctional social structures – all this grated against my soul and caused a great deal of frustration in me. I felt a deep motivation to change the world. I now know that this was indeed one of the missions my soul chose for this lifetime – for this time of The Great Shift – and that I have been working towards this for many incarnations, many millennia of Earth lives. Read more..


My background
I have been blessed with many opportunities, and a rich and varied tapestry of experience in this life. Growing up in Oslo meant a safe and happy childhood, full of both culture and nature. Compared to most of the rest of the world, Norway in the 1970s and 80s was a very egalitarian society, both in terms of social equality and gender equality, and a very innocent and peace loving nation, built on a foundation of trust and mutuality. I was fortunate to spend part of my education at a Steiner school, which I loved. It gave me a richness to my learning, and an integration of many different subjects and ways of learning that I thrived on. I loved being able to immerse myself in a subject while also having great variety and balance. While I was a voracious reader I also spent much of my time outdoors in all kinds of temperatures – Norwegian winters regularly dipped down to -30 °C – and every summer by the sea. Some of my most profoundly spiritual experiences came from music – particularly classical music – and my childhood and youth was full of that. It was, in many ways, a rather magical childhood. Read more..


It’s only natural that you may like to hear what others say about me and my work. Below are some testimonials and feedback from people who have either had personal sessions with me or experienced my teaching, channelling or other kinds of energy work I do. All of the above are relevant to what you may experience at ALIYA Soul Evolution. Many of the testimonials are anonymous due to the nature of the work and the strict code of confidentiality I adhere to. Read more..