My background

I have been blessed with many opportunities, and a rich and varied tapestry of experience in this life. Growing up in Oslo meant a safe and happy childhood, full of both culture and nature. Compared to most of the rest of the world, Norway in the 1970s and 80s was a very egalitarian society, both in terms of social equality and gender equality, and a very innocent and peace loving nation, built on a foundation of trust and mutuality. I was fortunate to spend part of my education at a Steiner school, which I loved. It gave me a richness to my learning, and an integration of many different subjects and ways of learning that I thrived on. I loved being able to immerse myself in a subject while also having great variety and balance. While I was a voracious reader I also spent much of my time outdoors in all kinds of temperatures – Norwegian winters regularly dipped down to -30 °C – and every summer by the sea.

Some of my most profoundly spiritual experiences came from music – particularly classical music – and my childhood and youth was full of that. It was, in many ways, a rather magical childhood.

As soon as I had finished school I moved to the west coast of Norway, to study Archaeology at the University of Bergen. It had always been a subject close to my heart. Then followed further studies at the University of Oslo – in Middle East & North African Studies, and then in Political Science. 

Never one shy of an adventure, I had long felt drawn towards England, and aged 23 I finally left behind my life in Norway to move to London. I had known from my earliest childhood that in this life I would be living abroad, somewhere a bit further south than Norway, and when I moved to London I felt that I had arrived where I was supposed to be. Although it was a much bigger culture shock than I had anticipated, it was also a fabulous, incredible adventure! Exploring London is never boring, but exploring London through the eyes of an Art & Design student, then a Film student and finally as camera crew in the UK film industry, that is truly a magical adventure!

I was thrown into the world of art, creativity and media when I took Art & Design Foundation studies at Central St Martins, and then a BA in Film at London College of Communication. Through sheer determination, hard work and some amazing luck I managed to get into the film industry, as camera crew, at a time when there were very few women, and foreigners, in that kind of role. I absolutely loved it……and was terrified a lot of the time too! The stakes were high, there was a lot to learn quickly, and it was a demanding job in every way, but I totally loved it! 

Throughout all of this, from my earlier years, I had always been an environmentalist at my core. I had always had a deep awareness of how both the natural ecosystems and my own health was affected by chemical pollution, unsustainable food production and many other environmental problems, and I had tried to lead a lifestyle that was relatively healthy both for me and for nature. I had done a huge amount of reading on these subjects from I was in my teens and eventually my interest in this led me to study Holistic Interior Design with Suzy Chiazzari at the Holistic Design Institute. I later started my own business, Heal My Home, as a result of my passion for creating healthier and more eco-friendly homes and lifestyles. 

In the years leading up towards 2012 I started to feel more and more drawn to exploring my past lives, since I had always had what I call ‘emotional memories’ from past lives, and even as a 4 year old I knew I had been here many times before. I read a lot about past life regression and studies that had been done on past life memories, and eventually decided it was time to have an actual past life regression myself. This was how I found Janet Treloar, a fantastic regression therapist, who I had many regression sessions with over the following years. What I soon discovered after I had had a couple of sessions was that I was also able to go into past life memories on my own, at home. It was the start of a fantastic journey of learning and remembering. 

It turned out Janet was not only a regression therapist but also an amazing channeller, and although I had never heard of channelling or experienced anything like it, I felt curious about it when she mentioned it. That was when I met Zac – or in his more famous identity – the ascended master Djwal Khul, the Tibetan, known from Alice Bailey’s numerous books channelled from him. Janet had been channelling Zac for a little while already by the time I met him in early 2013, and it was a life changing experience to witness. A little later, when Janet was teaching channelling workshops I knew I had to go to one. 

This became the start of my own amazing channelling journey, because what I discovered was that I had been channelling my whole life without understanding this, and therefore I had simply dismissed all the weird and inexplicable experiences I had had. It turned out the things I could ‘hear’ or ‘see’ or ‘just knew’ were largely my spirit guides (and my higher self) communicating with me, or through me. I realised all I had to do was listen. I started to write down what I heard from them, and that was the beginning of a long period of developing a deep and wide ranging working relationship with them. From the early beginnings of channelling from my personal spirit guides I soon saw a large circle of 18 beings around me, 5 of whom were my guides. The circle of higher beings called themselves ‘The Council of Elders’, and this has since grown to become a huge collective of souls in the higher dimensions who now work with me and through me in all my spiritual or energy work. I have been channelling from them in many different formats for years; channelling energy, writing, spoken conversations, ancient soul languages and more.

Since my first channelling workshop I have continued to go to pretty much every single channelling course Janet and Zac have taught ever since. They are always amazing, and raise the bar each time! In 2016 Janet asked me if I would assist her on some of her channelling workshops, and since then I have been so lucky to have been allowed to work with her and Zac in this way 4 times a year until the beginning of 2020. Both as a participant and as an assistant at channelling workshops I have learnt so much from Janet and Zac over those 7 years, and this has formed a significant part of what I consider my ‘spiritual education’ from the amazing ascended master that Zac is. In addition I was fortunate to have numerous conversations with Zac during past years when Janet offered personal Zac sessions, and this has also given me knowledge, understanding, insights and wisdom beyond anything I had ever imagined! I cannot count the number of times he has shared truly jaw-dropping information which has left me with a sense of awe and wonder at how privileged I am to have had these experiences in my life. 

It was in one of my conversations with Zac, in early 2017, that he revealed ALIYA to me. I had been ‘gently nudged’, let’s call it, by my spirit guides for some years, towards teaching. However, I  had never had any ambition of teaching anything at all, and I had absolutely no desire whatsoever to speak in front of a group of people (quite the opposite, really). About 6 months earlier one of my fellow participants at a channelling workshop had asked me if I taught courses, and I couldn’t understand where she would have got that impression from. However, as it turned out, ALIYA Soul Evolution had been in the making for a while – by spirit, by my guides, by the collective, and probably by my higher soul self to be honest – and I increasingly kept hearing my guides saying to me: “Courses, courses! Teacher! Teaching courses.” For someone who usually has no trouble channelling long and detailed and intricate messages it was remarkably sparse communication – to be frank, probably because the more human part of me wasn’t at all interested in teaching courses. In the end though I had to ask Zac why I kept hearing “Courses!”. It was as if he had been preparing for this moment, because he went straight into a long talk about the whole structure for the foundation course and touched on the advanced courses, and talked about the wider context of these courses and so on and so forth. He then told me I could channel the rest directly from my guides. To say I was astonished – and slightly overwhelmed – would be an understatement. But, in Zac’s own words, I am ‘an obedient servant’ (perhaps bar some months of subconscious resistance), and I set about channelling more information about these courses. 

In August 2017 I started the first group on module 1, putting a huge amount of faith in spirit because I still didn’t really feel like a teacher, and planned for further groups to start later. 

However, having completed the first module I decided that I wanted to understand more fully, in my human conscious awareness, where we were heading longer term with ALIYA. I wanted to channel more detailed information for the later modules and the advanced courses, and I wanted to expand module 1 to become more comprehensive. This was the human part of me wanting to work from a more human perspective – not that I didn’t trust my guides or the collective – and wanting to have more human input on exactly how the teaching would be shaped and formed.

What I have learnt over the years is that what I ask for I get (although not always in the way I imagine!), and I certainly got what I had asked for now! The following years I was given huge amounts of new information, a thorough and comprehensive ‘big picture’ vista – not only for ALIYA but for the future in general – and lots of intricate, detailed deep study of more esoteric subjects (which I love and can quite easily get lost in). 

How to teach this and how to fit everything into practical formats now remained the biggest challenge. Once again, an element of flexibility and trust was necessary – to trust my collaboration with spirit, to trust in the bigger plan, and to trust in the dharma of ALIYA – that there is a natural, cosmic, divine order to ALIYA while its path simultaneously is being woven; a paradox most fitting for this magical and unexpected adventure.

At last, in 2020 I felt ready to teach the new and expanded ALIYA Soul Evolution. Not only did I feel ready, I was hugely excited about it! And it felt like an amazing new adventure to go on, not only for myself but also to guide others on at the same time. And together we would weave magic in the world!



Alongside my own adventures in channelling, learning from Zac and my guides, the Council of Elders and the collective, I have over the years also channelled for others, worked with clients channelling energy, channelling messages, channelling ancient soul languages, done conversational channelling or what my guides call ‘channelled coaching’. I have also worked with energetic space clearing, and clearing old energy from the land. I created a channelling blog, Happy Earthling, where I have shared more than 60 channelled texts from the Council of Elders.

I have been giving live channelling evenings in Salisbury where I live, and I have been giving talks on different subjects related to spirituality. I have also organised events where Janet and Zac have been sharing their wisdom and love with the world. 

Over the years I have done additional training through workshops in Earth Energy, Space Clearing, Spiritual Emergency and finally training in Hypnosis – all of these have been taught by Janet Treloar. 

For a complete list of my formal qualifications please see and if you would like to find out more about the 1-1 work I offer outside of ALIYA you can find this here, and see some testimonials here