The Collective welcome you

I will let the ALIYA collective introduce themselves through this message they gave for those who feel drawn to the courses. I hope you feel their love and excitement shining through in the text!

The Earth is undergoing a pivotal phase in its development, and humanity must choose the future they want, humanity must create the future they want, the society they want and the way of living they want. This particular period is something that has been foreseen for centuries, even millennia, and you have all known this for many, many lifetimes. Many of those souls who are currently incarnate on Earth now chose to be part of this period of great transformations. And all of you are no exception. This lifetime has a bigger purpose, a purpose that is seen in a wider context, encompassing many lifetimes both in the past and in the future. You have been going through many lifetimes of training, learning and experience for this time, many lifetimes building up to this one. And you all have everything you need for this lifetime already within you, safely contained within your being. Think of it as a time capsule; all that you have learnt in other lifetimes you can now draw on in this lifetime, all your skills, knowledge, wisdom, experience – and all your connections, your aquaintances, your friends and allies from other lives, other places than Earth. This is what we are doing now, we are here – on our side of the veil, and you are on Earth as a human. But you are our old friends, our old collaborators and in some cases even family. This is a team effort between you and us, between humans and….well….all the other kinds of beings that we are in our group. We are many, and we are varied, and we have all the skills and resources needed to help you in your quest to transform the Earth into the most wonderful place to live. You can do it, and you are not alone. There are also so many other humans who want the same, who yearn for a beautiful Earth, a beautiful community on Earth. So do not think that you would be fighting against the tide. The time has come, the tide has turned and so many want to go in the same direction as you. This is what we will be helping you with – not just now, on this course, but for the rest of your time on Earth, should you so wish. We are here for the long run.